BofAML Insight | iOS App for iPhone and iPad | Aug 2018 - 2019

Bank Of America Merrill Lynch app for iPhone and iPad for their Finance and Investment division. Currently on the App store.

  • -Language: Swift

  • -Proprietary Enterprise frameworks

  • -Agile Development

FavMovie | iOS App for iPhone | Aug 2017

Movie app that allows you to search for movies by a Title, see their details and save them into a list.

  • -Language: Swift and Objective-C

  • -Backend: CoreData

  • -Networking Framework: NSURL


Studio | iOS App for iPhone | Aug 2016

Music video playlist generator base on music genre, artist and your mood. Capstone group project for Flatiron School. Sponsor company: Vevo. No longer on the App store.

  • -Language: Swift and Objective-C

  • -Backend: Firebase

  • -Designing Tool: Sketch

  • -Networking Libraries: Alamofire, SwiftyJSON